SOFTSHELL JACKET - Men's & Women's

How many jackets do you have that just hang out in the closet?  This will not be one of them.  Our technical softshell features the look and features you need for any outdoor activity in almost any conditions.  We developed this jacket using 60D 4-way stretch polyester with a micro-fleece lining to deliver superior flexibility, wind and water resistance, and warmth without bulk.

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SOFTSHELL VEST - Men's & Women's

Can you picture a world of outdoor soft goods without the beautifully simple vest?  Of course not…that’s like trying to picture Mr. T without a mohawk.  Make sure you have your bases covered with our unique version of this staple.  Don it to ride the trail, stalk in the timber, or strut through town in style and comfort.

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SOFTSHELL HOODIE - Men's & Women's

When you want the technical performance of a softshell jacket with the comfort and style of your favorite hoodie, look no further than our new Softshell Hoodie.  This one boasts 60D 4-way stretch polyester with a microfleece liner to deliver superior flexibility, wind and water resistance, and warmth without bulk.

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You might be as tough as a bull moose, but you definitely don’t want to be mistaken for one when you’re out chasing game.  Keep things safe and legal in the field with our Blaze Orange Vest.  The soft, quiet, woven polyester vest fits comfortably over most outerwear, keeping you visible to other hunters without getting in your way or messing up your stalk

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GAITERS - Basic & Mountain

Breaking trail through the snow or wading through wet brush just got a whole lot easier.  Our high-performance gaiters feature a water-resistant, breathable 100D upper leg section and a burly, coated 500D boot section to keep you dry while offering outstanding resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs. 

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Scientists tell us that people can lose up to half of their body heat in cold weather through the head alone.  It is also a fact that 99% of human beings like people’s heads to appear interesting, intelligent and attractive.  OK…maybe I made that second one up.

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